Political dispute went from Facebook to firearms when suspect showed up with Glock, AR-15, police say

A dispute over politics on Facebook went from virtual to physical this week when one man shot another in the thigh and buttocks, officials said. 

Authorities said Brian Sebring, 44, shot Alex Stephens, 46, after their political argument became too heated, the Tampa Bay Times reported

Sebring is a registered Democrat, the report said, while Stephens, a former felon, has no party affiliation, the report said, citing corrections records. 

“After receiving several explicit messages and threats, the defendant responded to the victim’s home to confront him in reference to the messages,” a police official said, according to the Times. 

Sebring reportedly arrived at Stephens’ home with a Glock handgun and an AR-15 rifle, honked his truck horn and waited by his vehicle for Stephens to come out of his home. 

Stephens saw Sebring and “immediately sprinted” toward him, Tampa’s WFLA-TV reported

After Sebring fired two shots, striking Stephens in the right thigh and buttocks, both men fled the scene, the report said.  

The relationship between the two men was not immediately clear. 

Sebring later surrended to police and has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed firearm, the station reported. 

Stephens had non-life-threatening injuries.

Amy Lieu is a news editor and reporter for Fox News.

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