Deer wanders into DC Metro station, darts close to train before fleeing

As throngs of sports fans headed downtown on the Metro to watch the Washington Capital’s championship parade on Tuesday they were joined by a fellow four-legged commuter.

A deer ended up wandering into the Crystal City Station in Arlington, Va., near Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport around 8:30 a.m., the transit agency posted on Twitter.

“Seems like *everyone* wants to get aboard the @Capitals train this morning! (Crystal City Station, 8:30 a.m. today — this little guy somehow wandered into the tunnel & ended up at the station. Safely exited through the tunnel back toward DCA.) #OHDEER #ALLCAPS #WMATA #StanleyCup,” the agency said.

Deer Metro 1

A deer wandered into the Crystal City Metro Station on Tuesday.


The animal can be seen running along the train platform and then on the tracks before darting across onto another platform.


One commuter could be seen looking at his phone and didn’t notice the deer, while another woman gasped in disbelief as the deer darted by.

Deer Metro 2

One commuter had his attention focused on his phone and barely noticed the deer as it sprinted by.


At one point, the deer jumped onto the tracks as a train was pulling into the station. Metro officials said the deer eventually safely exited the station.

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